Answers to your questions

I found my profile on the platform, but I didn't create it, where does it come from? shares databases with different platforms. You could have created a profile on another platform, and it was also published on

How can I access my profile? Please use the "Get Access" form on this page. You can delete, edit or add new services and photos.

How long will my portfolio be available on the Skaists platform? Your portfolio will remain active until you delete it.

What categories of services can be featured on Skaists? The list of services is available when creating a service.

I can't find any portfolio from my city, can I create a portfolio first? That's right, you can do it, and thanks to this, all customers will contact you.

Where will my services be advertised? On the Skaists platform, as well as in advertisements on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and the Google search engine.

How do I change the phone number for my portfolio? Please contact us using the contact form above.

How much does it cost? Skaists services are free.

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